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Can I Replace One Or More Missing Teeth With Dental Implants?

One of the distinct advantages of choosing to replace missing teeth with dental implants near you is the help you receive to replace a single or several missing teeth with this excellent treatment option. In reality, you can replace an entire arch of teeth in a jaw using dental implants and complete the treatment in one day.

Dental Implants for the Treatment of One or Several Missing Teeth

Whether you miss a single tooth or have several teeth missing, dental implants can help you replace them with one or multiple dental implants depending on how many teeth you need to have returned. The dentist 33434 assesses your situation by examining your mouth and overall health before recommending a solution that best suits your needs.

Single Implants

If you miss a single tooth, you display a gap in your smile. Besides the edentulous Gap, you also become prone to the consequences of tooth loss which include shifting of remaining teeth, infections in the missing tooth gap spreading to your mouth, jawbone deterioration, et cetera. When you choose dental implants in Boca Raton to replace the missing tooth, you select an option that helps replace the entire tooth with its root. In addition, it indicates that your dental implant will stimulate your jawbone from the chewing and biting forces preventing jawbone deterioration to hold your remaining teeth in line. With six monthly dental appointments, single implants don’t need special attention besides brushing and flossing regularly.

Multiple Implants

Do you have an entire arch of teeth missing, or must you have teeth extracted? You can undoubtedly replace all your teeth using single dental implants. However, dentistry advances now make available treatments to hold an entire arch of teeth on merely four or six dental implants in a comfortable procedure completed in a day by the dentist in Boca Ryton, FL, to help you replace all the missing teeth. As a result, you can have a complete arch of teeth anchored on the implants within 48 hours without displaying a toothless grin.

Ready for Your Dental Implants in Boca Ryton, FL?

If you are ready to replace your missing teeth in Boca Ryton with dental implants, Dr. David B Kagan will welcome you to Dental Care of Boca Raton for a consultation. In addition, you can learn more about dental implant treatment in this region by scheduling a free consultation with the practice to receive your replacement teeth.