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Cosmetic Dentistry Services And Their Significance

A perfect smile is an asset wherever you go. With cosmetic dentistry, you don’t have to put up with smile imperfections anymore.

Are you unhappy with your smile due to teeth staining, discoloration, chipping, breaking, or sometimes lost teeth? If the smile imperfections lower your self-esteem and confidence or sometimes make you feel insecure, you don’t have to worry. Our dentist in Boca Raton provides solutions for the through a wide range of services.

Dental Services to Improve Your Smile

At Dental Care of Boca Raton, we recommend a cosmetic dental procedure, depending on the condition of your teeth. Below are some of the cosmetic dentistry services you can get in your dentist’s office:

Teeth Whitening

Stained and discolored teeth are a result of many factors, such as decay, poor oral hygiene, tobacco use, and medications. There are several teeth whitening techniques. Your dentist recommends each type, depending on how severe the stains are.

If you have mild teeth discoloration and stains, the dentist might recommend teeth whitening options such as toothpaste, whitening strips, and gels. On the other hand, severe tooth decay requires in-office treatments such as deep bleaching and zoom teeth whitening, which utilize a high concentration of peroxide.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers offer a dental solution for badly-stained, chipped, and gapped teeth. Dental veneers are thin sheets of porcelain material attached in front of your teeth and match the color of your natural teeth.

The porcelain veneers cover severe stains and chips on your teeth, improving your smile. If your teeth are gapped, your dentist can use the porcelain veneers to broaden your teeth, closing the gaps.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns, especially porcelain ones, mimic the natural color of your teeth and provide smile aesthetics. If you have broken, cracked, badly-decayed, or stained teeth, dental crowns would be your best shot.

The porcelain tooth caps cover your damaged tooth and improve its shape, color, and functionality. Your dentist can also use dental crowns as tooth caps for implants replacing lost teeth.


Misaligned, gapped, or crowded teeth don’t only affect your bite but your smile aesthetics. If you have such dental imperfections, the dentist can recommend orthodontic treatments. Some of the orthodontic treatments include Invisalign and metal braces.

Braces and invisible aligners work by moving the misaligned teeth gradually as the dentist makes adjustments. However, the treatments are not a one-day thing and can take up to a year to achieve the desired results.

Composite bonding

Your dentist can recommend composite bonding if you have dental cavities due to decay, chipped, and cracked teeth. The dental treatment utilizes a composite resin material to cover dental cavities, cracks chips, and sometimes stains on your teeth.

During the procedure, the dentist removes any signs of decay first before applying the bonding material. To harden the bonding material, the dentist uses a special blue light. Next, the dentist will shape the tooth and polish it to achieve smile aesthetics.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth affect your smile negatively and sometimes lead to low self-esteem. However, with dental implants, you can replace your teeth.

Dental implants utilize biocompatible titanium screws that replace the root. After placing the implants, Dr. David B. Kagan chooses a tooth cap that matches your natural teeth color. Therefore, you get to enjoy a bright, white, and toothy smile.

Why Cosmetic Dentistry Has More Importance?

Many people will judge you according to your appearance. In business, a customer will be more comfortable transacting with you if you have a nice smile. Therefore, you should consider investing in a good smile for the following reasons:

Personal validation

As much as we might not admit it, we all would like to invest in our good looks. If you have misaligned, stained, misshapen, crowded, or crooked teeth, we might feel embarrassed and uncomfortable being around people. However, with cosmetic dental procedures, you can correct all the imperfections and boost your confidence.

Healthy smile

Cracked, broken, or chipped teeth don’t only affect your smile but also put you at risk of tooth decay and gum infections. With dental procedures such as crowns and bonding, you can improve your smile and prevent other dental problems. Also, by getting dental implants, you reduce the risk of bone loss.

Better Oral Hygiene

Having a perfect smile comes through effort. Therefore, the more you strive to maintain a bright white smile, the more you maintain a good oral hygiene routine that improves your oral health.