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Ever Thought Of Leaving A Review?

If you’ve been on our website lately, you may have noticed that we prominently feature a review that was left by one of our patients. Why? Because nobody can explain what we do like our patients. Someone who is in the market for a new dentist can spend hours perusing our site, but what ultimately convinces them to call for an appointment isn’t the list of services we provide or the photos of our office, it’s knowing that a real, live patient was happy enough with their treatment to take the time to leave a positive review.

Why We Rely on Reviews

Even if you’ve referred us to a friend or family member, they’re going to check us out online. They may visit our webpage and check out our Facebook activity, but they will definitely spend time investigating our reputation. That is why we rely on patient reviews. When a prospective patient is thinking of going to our office — particularly one who hasn’t been to the dentist in a while or has a dental phobia — what matters most to them is what our current patients experience with each office visit.

Have You Left a Review?

If you haven’t left a review, why not do it now?  It only takes a few minutes and your words will bring great comfort to someone who is looking for the perfect dentist. They want to know that our patients are greeted with a smile, treated with respect, listened to, involved in their treatment plans, and comfortable with every treatment they receive, from a semi-annual cleaning to dental implant therapy.

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Whether you leave a review right now or not, we’re grateful to count you among our patients. The entire team may be fascinated by teeth and gums, but the real reason we’re in this industry is to make a difference in the lives of people like you.