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Face Your Dental Anxiety

Many people fear going to the dentist for various reasons. Some people feel traumatized by an experience from the past. Others have internalized someone else’s fear and made it their own. If patients feel no one can help them conquer their anxiety, they won’t get the treatment they need. No matter the reason for your dental anxiety. We have ways to help you through it.

Facing your anxiety about dental treatment can help you move forward and get the treatment you need. Start by listing the causes of your anxiety or fear, and discuss your findings with us.

Common Reasons for Dental Anxiety

  • Loss of Control — Feeling helpless or trapped in the dental chair because you can’t see what’s happening. And you don’t know what happens next.
  • Bad Experience — A dental encounter from the past that didn’t go well or a bad experience shared by a relative or friend.
  • Fear of Pain — The pain is actual or perceived pain from needles, dental drills, and equipment. The fear of coming into a dental office, period.
  • Claustrophobia — Lying back in the dental chair with people and equipment too close for comfort. It feels like your personal space is being taken over.
  • Embarrassment — You feel embarrassed about the condition of your mouth. You’re thinking the dentist will judge you because of it.

Talk About Your Anxiety

Let us know if you have any dental anxiety or fear of receiving dental treatment. We’re here to help you. Talk freely about your concerns and we’ll listen in a judgment-free environment and offer solutions. Every team member is here to help you feel comfortable and give you the treatment you need.

We Can Ease Your Anxiety

Sedation dentistry can help to ease your anxiety. Our methods include:

  • Nitrous oxide is a safe and effective gas mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a mask that fits over your nose to help you relax. The effects wear off quickly. You can drive yourself.
  • Conscious sedation uses oral medication. Take your medication on the day of your appointment. Patients are usually awake but in a relaxed state. You will need a driver for your appointment.
  • IV sedation is a sedative administered through a vein, which allows the medicine to work quickly. The level of medication is adjustable to the needs of the individual patient. You may have little to no memory of the procedure. You will need someone to drive you.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, we can help you. Call our office to schedule an appointment. We’ll find the best option to fit your needs.


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