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How An Endodontist Helps You To Save Your Tooth Month

Your teeth need extra care, which means more than brushing and flossing your teeth daily. This is where the endodontist in Boca Raton comes in. The main job of an endodontist is to save your tooth. You might be wondering why your tooth needs saving, but the truth is various reasons may cause this.

Tooth abscesses and toothache are some of the reasons that may necessitate a visit to emergency dentistry in Boca Raton. This piece will help you understand how an endodontist helps when facing a dental emergency. Keep reading to find out why you might need to visit an endodontist.

Sensitivity to Hot or Cold Foods

Tooth sensitivity can be brought forth by gum recession or mild tooth decay. When tooth decay or gum recession happens, your tooth’s roots become exposed. So, exposure to your tooth’s roots is what causes sensitivity when you take hot or cold foods.

On the other hand, if you have gone for recent dental work, your teeth become sensitive, and therefore you might begin to feel some inflammation in your tooth due to the disturbance of your tooth’s pulp.

The best way to deal with the sensitivity is by looking for dental care in Boca Raton so that Dr. David B. Kagan can examine your teeth and determine the cause of sensitivity. Alternatively, you can use toothpaste made for sensitive teeth to see whether it will reduce the problem.

Sharp Pain When Biting on Food

A crack in your tooth, decay, or a loose filling, can all cause sharp pain whenever you chew food. In addition, the mentioned problems can also indicate damage to the soft tissues in your mouth. Therefore, when you visit the dentist in Boca Raton, he might refer you to an endodontist who performs root canal in Boca Raton.

The advantage of seeing an endodontist is that through root canal therapy, the endodontist will remove the decay, clean the tooth and fill the cavities to restore the function of your tooth. Moreover, cleaning the tooth will ensure that there will be no more infections.

Constant Pain, Swelling, and Sensitivity

Have you ever experienced pain in your tooth that does not go away even after taking pain relievers? Is the pain accompanied by tooth sensitivity and swelling of your gums? This might be caused by advanced tooth decay, where the bacteria have reached the dental pulp inside your tooth. The infection causes the build-up of pus in the affected area, which can cause mild to severe pain that can spread to your neck area.

The good thing about visiting an endodontist is that they have the skill of treating tooth abscesses and infections through root canal treatment. After the endodontist has removed all of the pus or abscess, the affected roots are sealed to prevent reinfection.

Dull Ache and Pressure in the Upper Jaw

If you have teeth grinding and jaw clenching issues, you might put lots of pressure on your teeth and jaw. The impacts of bruxism include toothache and sensitivity. The consequences of the pain and sensitivity you experience on your teeth and jaw may lead to a tight or tired jaw and pain around your face and neck area. On the extreme effects, bruxism can seriously damage your teeth.

When you consider a visit to the endodontist, they will inquire whether or not you have sleep-related issues. This way, the endodontist will choose the most suitable treatment option for you. One of the main treatment options will be wearing a custom-made night guard. A mouth guard ensures little pressure is exerted on your teeth and jaw.

The Specialists in Saving Teeth

If you’re experiencing a dental issue that can sabotage the life of your natural teeth, then looking for an endodontist is the best solution. This is because endodontists are specialists in saving your natural teeth.

In addition, an endodontist has more skill than a general dentist. An endodontist’s skill means they can address any issue that can lead to tooth loss. This is why your general dentist will refer you to an endodontist. So, don’t let toothache, abscess, or sensitivity dampen your mood; instead, schedule a visit with an endodontist.