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How Are Gold Fillings Much Better Than Silver (Amalgam) Fillings?

When cavities are detected in your mouth, dentists you visit recommend filling them at the earliest to ensure they don’t expand to cause severe damage. Dentists offer different types of dental fillings that you can consider before having them.

If the cavity in your mouth is on your molars, dentists recommend silver amalgam fillings that are strong and last for 10 to 15 years. They have also been used for over a century and have retained their popularity despite reservations expressed by many about mercury being present in the filling material.

If you fear silver amalgam fillings, dentists also provide gold fillings that are even more durable and do not corrode like other materials. You have a choice of deciding gold fillings vs. amalgam if you prefer the aesthetics of gold over silver amalgam, particularly on visible molars.

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You may prefer to have permanent tooth fillings in your tooth to ensure you don’t have to get dental fillings repeatedly. If you want an incredibly durable material for filling your tooth, you must contact dental gold fillings in Boca Raton providers of different types of dental fillings.

The various types offered by this dental facility will surprise you because you may not find a similar variety from dentists near me. Besides gold fillings, Dr. David B Kagan from dental care of Boca Raton also provides composite resin, ceramic, and glass ionomer fillings if you wish to have them on your tooth.

Many people consider gold fillings more pleasing than silver amalgam, making you believe you must also think similarly. The most significant advantage of gold fillings is their durability. After you have your tooth filled with gold fillings, the restoration will remain with you for more time than mentioned earlier and last for over 25 years with proper oral hygiene. The yellow color of gold will stand out as the material is not tooth-colored. Most importantly, as the material doesn’t rust, you can have the filling replaced anytime you want and recover your investment in gold fillings and perhaps even benefit from the ever-rising prices of gold. However, you must make a significant investment in the fillings when restoring your tooth because they are ten times expensive than silver amalgam and require at least a couple of visits to your dentist before you can restore your tooth with gold fillings.