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How Dental Sealants Work?

Have you heard how dental sealants help prevent cavities in children’s molars? If you haven’t, you lag on the advances made in dentistry and are probably taking your kid to the endodontist in Boca Raton to receive root canals.

Things would have been a lot better if you learned how dental sealants could protect everyone’s molars by covering them with a protective barrier to prevent the entrapment of food particles and bacteria in the molars. Had you taken your kid to the dentist near you for an application of dental sealants, your child wouldn’t have developed cavities and required treatments from a specialist at high prices.

Dental sealants are a thin and durable plastic coating applied on the chewing surfaces of the molars to seal the grooves and fissures where food particles remain trapped to eventually allow bacteria to feast on them and decorate acids to penetrate the tooth enamel. If you had learned about dental sealants in Boca Raton, FL, earlier, you could perhaps have avoided the visit to the endodontist with your kid for root canals. However, now that you have the information about this protective barrier, would you consider getting your child’s unrestored teeth protected by dental sealants?

Getting dental sealants on children’s teeth shouldn’t concern you with dental anxiety or finances. The dental sealant procedure is painless and affordable and helps prevent cavities on children’s molars during the vulnerable ages of 6 to 11 when their premolars and molars erupt. Adults can also benefit from sealants because it remains on the teeth for approximately nine years.

Would you like to understand how you can benefit from getting dental sealants from the dental care of Boca Raton? Dental sealants protect your teeth against 80 percent of cavities for the initial two years after an application, and the protection is ongoing against 50 percent of holes for another four years. However, the sealant application doesn’t indicate you can neglect your dental hygiene and forget about cleaning and exams because dental sealants are prone to chipping and cracking and need monitoring from your dentist during regular dental checkups. Therefore whether you have dental sealants on your teeth or your child’s teeth, you must ensure you maintain proper dental hygiene, stay away from harmful foods, and get regular dental cleanings to prevent needing dental fillings.