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Invisalign – How Long Does It Take To Straighten Your Teeth?

Invisalign, an alternative system for straightening teeth with orthodontic imperfections such as underbites, overbites, crowding, cross bites, open bites, misaligned teeth, and gaps between the teeth in adults, promises to deliver quick results for patients qualifying for the treatment.

If affected by mild to moderate imperfections issues, you can discuss your needs with Dr. Rafael Vorona to evaluate whether you are suitable for this therapy to straighten teeth faster than conventional orthodontic treatments.

This dentist in Boca Raton, a certified provider of these virtually invisible clear aligners, will assess your situation to determine how long Invisalign needs to straighten your teeth.

If traditional orthodontic treatments need over three years to correct problems with your teeth, Invisalign delivers faster results depending on the situation’s complexity.

Great Smile in about One Year

When assessing the complexity of your situation to receive Invisalign Boca Raton and taking images of your teeth, the dentist advises you that you can achieve a great smile in about a year if the orthodontic imperfections are moderate. In reality, you might achieve faster results in about six months if you have mild orthodontic issues to have the smile you desire. Unfortunately, if you have a moderate complication with your teeth, you might require to wear the aligners for about a year before you can show off your smile without braces over your teeth.

What to Expect with Invisalign?

If you qualify for Invisalign near you, expect to receive your customized aligners about three weeks after your initial assessment. The provider of the aligners suggests you wear the braces over your teeth immediately and keep the aligners over your teeth for over 20 hours per day. You also receive instructions to replace the aligners every fortnight for the duration of your treatment.

Expect the aligners provided by the dentist 33434 to provide additional comfort when eating foods or maintaining excellent dental hygiene because the aligners are removable and require removal when completing everyday activities. If you are diligent with the stipulations of Invisalign, the system delivers faster results than expected, leaving you happy that you were indeed fortunate to qualify for Invisalign and did not have to endure the challenge of wearing metal brackets and wires on your teeth for three years or more to straighten your teeth to have a beautiful smile.

Dental Care of Boca Raton providers of Invisalign can help straighten teeth between 6 to 18 months to give you the desired smile. Kindly arrange a meeting with them today to determine whether you qualify for this excellent treatment for teeth straightening.