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Right Time For Your Little One To Visit The Pediatric Dentist

Nothing lights up a parent’s heart than when they see their kid healthy. However, you will need to do what’s necessary to ensure that they are healthy and strong. This means that you need to lay the proper foundations. One way to do this is to start with proper oral care for your kid.

In other words, you will need to help them cultivate proper oral health care habits early that they may practice them their entire life. Therefore, you need to ensure that they brush and floss their teeth daily.

But it doesn’t end there. To ensure that your kid’s oral health is secure, you will need to seek pediatric dentistry in Boca Raton, FL.

So, When Is the Right Time?

If you are a first-time parent, you could be wracking your brain wondering when you should bring your child to see our dentist in Boca Raton. In a nutshell, the best time would be immediately after their first teeth come in. But, you should remember that oral care begins at infancy. In other words, you need to clean your child’s teeth by wiping their gums with a soft wet cloth after feeding them.

After your child’s first tooth has come in, which is usually after six months, you can just bring them for their first visit. It’s not necessary for you to wait for them to hit one year before bringing them to visit our pediatric dentist near you.

Visiting our pediatric dentist early on has some perks, and they are:

  • You will help keep many oral health issues at bay
  • Your child will better develop permanent teeth
  • Your child will also develop excellent eating habits
  • Your child will also develop a relationship with our dentist

Also, when you are cleaning your child’s mouth, and you notice that they have lesions, white spots, bleeding, or any other issue, then you may need to reach out to our dentist right away. You don’t need to wait for their regular appointment.

After their first visit, you should bring your child for routine checkups every six months. Contact us at Dental Care of Boca Raton to schedule an appointment if you wish to bring your child for their first visit.