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Smile In A Snap!

You’ve always wanted to have a gorgeous smile, but there’s nothing wrong with your teeth — not really, anyway. Sure, they’re a little crooked, or maybe they’re a little smaller than you’d like them to be, but orthodontics or gum contouring isn’t something you can commit to right now. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time and treatment for your smile, then I just may have the perfect solution for you: the Snap-On Smile. What exactly is a Snap-On Smile?

It’s Simple. Really!

The Snap-On Smile is pretty much what it sounds like: teeth that you snap into place. The arches are made of ultra-thin resin that fit right over your natural teeth. Your new smile is strong and can be worn when you eat or drink. Best of all, it provides an affordable, temporary, and conservative solution for imperfect smiles. The Snap-On Smile can correct a number of flaws, including:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Stained teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Worn-down teeth

The Process

Once you’ve discussed your candidacy with one of our dentists, you can begin the process. The first step is to determine what you want to achieve with your Snap-On Smile. Do you want whiter teeth? Longer teeth? Straighter, more rounded, or more squared? The more specific you are, the happier you’ll be with the results. After that, we’ll take simple impressions then send them off to a lab where your smile will be carefully crafted. When it’s ready, you’ll return to our office to make sure it fits properly.

If you’re ready to have the smile you’ve always wanted, contact our office and ask about the Snap-On Smile. A beautiful smile can literally give you the confidence to change your life.