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Surround Yourself In Marshmallows

Are you involved in any sports? Do you ride your bike around the neighborhood after dinner or are you more likely to be spotted on the treadmill at the gym? Whatever keeps you active and fit also puts you at risk for a dental emergency. Surely not YOGA, you may be thinking. Yup! A simple slip of the foot in a downward-facing dog can land you right on your face; how much faith do you have in your mat? This is why we suggest that you either surround yourself with marshmallows, OR you could simply make sure you’re prepared to handle dental emergencies.

What kind of emergencies are possible?

Emergency #1 — Knocked Out Tooth

This can happen to anyone. If an accident results in a knocked-out tooth, please follow these instructions:

  • Don’t touch the root at all if you can help it
  • Rinse the tooth but do NOT remove any tissue that remains
  • Try to gently place (not force) the tooth back in the socket; if you can’t, either keep the tooth in the saliva in your mouth or place the tooth in a small amount of milk
  • Call for an appointment ASAP; the sooner you get in, the more likely it will be that we can save your tooth

Emergency #2 — Chipped or Cracked Tooth

A chipped tooth may be unsightly, sharp, or rough but if you feel it is an emergency for you, we want to see you right away. If the tooth is cracked or fractured in any way

  • Gently rinse/clean your mouth
  • To ease pain, apply a cold compress on your face (not in your mouth) near the trauma site; you might also take an anti-inflammatory medication
  • Do not apply any pain medication directly to the tooth, as it can harm the gum tissue
  • Come in for an appointment ASAP so we can diagnose and correct the problem

Emergency #3 — Damaged Restorations

Damage to your veneers, crowns, or fillings could be caused by the food you eat and/or physical activity. Here’s what you should do if you damage/ break a restoration.

  • Rinse the restoration if you’re able to find it
  • Ease the pain with clove oil or an over-the-counter numbing agent such as Orajel
  • Use denture adhesive to temporarily reattach the restoration or fill the void with dental wax
  • Get in to see us so we can permanently resolve the situation

If you’re not willing to buy marshmallows in bulk, then at least you’re armed with the knowledge it takes to handle a dental emergency. Emergency or not, we look forward to seeing you.