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The Wonders Of Dental Crown

Are you in need of a dental crown? Do you have a chipped, broken, or cracked tooth? Then you might need a dental crown. The good news is you can also get dental crowns from a dentist near you.

Dental crowns or teeth crowns are dental procedures used to replace a damaged existing tooth or a misplaced tooth. It is a cosmetic and restorative dental procedure that enhances your facial and dental appearance by rebuilding your tooth. Dental crowns can also protect your tooth against tooth decay and infections. They also look like a natural tooth and are tooth-shaped except for the metal dental crown which is tooth-shaped but has a gold or silver appearance.

How Are Dental Crowns Beneficial To The Tooth?

Apart from the fact that dental crowns cover damaged teeth and give the teeth a new appearance, dental crowns can also be used to aid other dental treatments.

Root Canal Treatment

This is a dental procedure that involves cleaning and disinfecting an infected tooth’ root. This procedure is performed by a dentist or an endodontist who is specialized in treating the internal tooth structure. After the treatment, a dental crown can be used to support the tooth and prevent infections from infecting the tooth again. You can visit an endodontist in Boca Raton, FL for your root canal treatments.

Tooth Extractions

This is the removal of an infected or damaged tooth from the dental bone sockets. A person can get a broken or chipped tooth drying an accidental event and might need immediate dental care. Sometimes, the tooth might have to be removed due to infections and after the tooth has been extracted, the patient might want to replace the tooth with a dental crown to fill in the space of the removed tooth. You can see an emergency dentist in Boca Raton, FL for emergency dental extractions.

Dental Implants

After a dental implant, a dental crown can be used to cover the dental implant screw. According to Dr. David B. Kagan, “the satisfactory aspect of a dental implant is the placement of the dental crown after a dental implant. The dental crowns add beauty to the dental implant procedure”. You can get your dental crown at Dental Care of Boca Raton.