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What Oral Cancer Screening Entails?

An oral cancer screening test is an assessment performed by dental specialists or doctors to search for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in your mouth. The objective of the screening is to detect cancer early when there are greater chances for its cure. Screening tests are carried out when there are no symptoms. This early checkup is done since symptoms may begin to appear when the cancer stage has already escalated.

There is a high mortality rate due to cancer. This is happening since most people don’t seek medical help until cancer advances. At the Dental Care of Boca Raton, we advise people to have this screening regularly to avoid future complications. Tobacco and alcohol use increase the risk of contracting the disease. Watch out for persistent sore mouth, pain in the mouth, peculiar sore throat, and chronic hoarseness.

Processes Involved in Oral Screening at Boca Raton

There’s a visual procedure where you’re advised to remove dentures and other dental appliances during the procedure. They will be observing your face, the parts inside your mouth, inside of your nose, and all significant parts of screening for oral cancer. Dr. Hans Almanzar, an endodontist at Boca Raton, 33434, uses light and a mirror to check the oral cavity. A physical examination is done to ensure there are no cancerous abnormalities.

Following the steps below to conduct an oral cancer evaluation test at home:

Tongue ‘n gauze

Extend your tongue out and examine the borders for red or white patches.

Lip and cheek roll

Feel and look for white or red patches or bumps on the cheeks and lips.

Double-digit probe

Using your finger, examine the floor of your mouth simultaneously, looking for bumps and red or white patches.

Palate tickle

Check your palate for lumps and white patches. Soft areas, too, on the hard palate might be a symptom of oral cancer.

Neck caress

Caress your neck to feel for swollen lymph nodes since they may be a sign of infections.

Tonsil check

Using a dental mirror, check for symmetry, abnormal bumps, or redness.

For more information about the importance of oral cancer screening or oral cancer screening steps, make a stop at our dental office or visit an oral cancer screening center near you.