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When Will A Patient Need To See An Endodontist For A Root Canal

Our endodontist in Boca Raton focuses on saving your tooth. Root canals are among the procedures that these dental professionals often do. Your endodontist removes the root canal if a tooth’s pulp has become damaged from decay or an injury. Read on to know more about choosing an endodontist or a general dentist for this procedure.

General Dentist vs. Endodontist

Every dentist, including general dentists, has received endodontic training during dental school. A general dentist in 33434 can perform a root canal procedure and various other dental procedures. However, these dentists often refer people who need root canal treatments to an endodontist.

On the other hand, the work of an endodontist is much more forecast than that of a general dentist. This dental professional focuses on saving your teeth through various dental procedures. An endodontist has already completed dental school and had several more years of advanced training. This training includes diagnosing and treating pain in the tooth.

According to a dental study, only 3% of all general dentists are endodontists. Endodontic treatment normally focuses on saving your tooth rather than extracting it, which is the root canal’s aim.

What is a root canal?

The goal of root canal treatment in Boca Raton is to remove bacteria from the root canal of your tooth and prevent the canal from being reinfected. This saves the tooth and prevents an extraction. The endodontist fills the tooth so that it remains strong.

Choosing an Endodontist

You will have many advantages in choosing Dr. Rafael Vorona for a root canal. This is because he has more experience in root canal treatments than a general dentist. An endodontist does about 25 or more root canal treatments in a week. This means they could recognize any potential problem in that site better. This will give you a better outcome from the surgery and result in faster healing time. In case of complications, visit our emergency dentist in Boca Raton for treatment.

Visit an Endodontist Today

The endodontist removes all of the infected pulp and replaces it with a rubbery filling. Choosing an endodontist to perform this procedure increases your chances of faster healing time. Contact us today at Dental Care in Boca Raton if you’re suffering from tooth pain.