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Which Is The Most Commonly Used Material For Dental Filling

Sealing Cavities is among the major procedures dentists carry out daily to help patients get over teeth decay.
If you are experiencing a cavity and considering getting fillings, knowing the most common procedure of the different types of dental fillings available and its material used will help you make an informed decision.


The resin material is the most used material for fillings as it is the primary material used for composite fillings. The popularity of resins has grown over the years because, unlike dental amalgam and gold fillings, they have an appearance and color similar to natural teeth.

Resin Composite fillings are the most common types of fillings and are made up of glass or quartz Resin. These filings are mostly performed when your cavity size ranges from small to medium or if the tooth is used for chewing.

While composite fillings are still the pack’s leaders on sealing cavity, Ceramics fillings are now getting very popular as they also maintain the appearance of the teeth and lasts much longer than that of composite fillings.

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Getting fillings requires expert hands. Therefore, it is advised that you visit a reputable dentist with outstanding experience in fillings to avoid complications after the procedure.

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