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Why Should You Immediately Approach A Dentist In Dental Emergencies?

Many people know how to identify and react during bleeding, heart attack, difficulty breathing, and other common emergencies. However, only a few people know what to do when it comes down to dental emergencies. In this article, we familiarize you with common dental emergencies so that you can visit an emergency dentist near you when you find yourself in a similar situation.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency can be identified when you experience tooth pain or bleeding that may have resulted from an injury or a botched dental surgery. We will highlight some of the common dental emergencies that you should be on the lookout for. If you experience any of the symptoms below, visit an endodontist near you, as the symptoms can result in infection or permanent tooth damage if ignored during the early stages.

Common Dental Emergencies


A bacterial infection in the mouth can cause pus to form inside your gums or teeth resulting in swelling. When you notice any swelling inside your mouth, visit an emergency dentist near you as soon as possible. A tooth abscess, when left untreated, can cause the infection to spread to other parts of the body and result in life-threatening diseases.

Excess Bleeding in the Gums

Occasional bleeding from the gums is not uncommon as it could be a result of brushing your teeth using too much force or newly fitted dentures causing stress on the gums. However, if the bleeding persists, it could indicate more serious conditions like vitamin deficiency, periodontitis, leukemia, or lack of platelets.

Damaged Tooth

When playing your favorite sport or driving, an accident can happen which may cause damage to your tooth or dentures. When this happens, most people take aspirin to relieve the pain instead of going dental clinic. Pain killers will temporarily stop the pain, and you will likely experience the pain again when eating. In addition, a damaged tooth is prone to tooth cavity as plaque will easily accumulate when you ignore brushing the tooth due to pain and discomfort.


Most people ignore or underestimate the impact dental emergencies have on their health. We hope that you can detect and seek treatment for dental emergencies during their early stages with the information provided. Dr. David B. Kagan is one of the best emergency dentists in Boca Raton with many years of experience practicing dentistry. Visit Dental Care of Boca Raton for the best dental care services. We also offer same-day emergency appointments.