Don’t Harm Your Teeth

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We’re trained at a young age to maintain good oral hygiene. We know to brush twice daily and floss our teeth to keep a healthy smile. Sometimes, there are things we do every day that put out teeth in danger. Certain foods we eat and activities we engage in can hurt our teeth. Once the damage is done, it may not be possible to reverse it. The team at Dental Care of Boca Raton has a list of harmful habits you should avoid.

Harmful Habits to Avoid

Sticky, Sugar-Based Treats — Sugary treats may cause tooth decay, and sticky treats can linger around your teeth for hours. Try healthier options such as carrots, or eat these types of snacks with meals instead. If you eat them during a meal, your mouth will produce more saliva to help rinse away the residue.

Chewing on Hard Objects — Sometimes you develop habits unconsciously while concentrating on other things. You may not think twice about the urge to chew on pens or pencils, but this habit is damaging to your teeth. It can cause chipped or cracked teeth and irritation. To break this habit, keep sugarless gum around instead.

Smoking and Tobacco Products — Cigarettes and other tobacco products can cause staining and decay to your teeth. Using tobacco products may also cause periodontal disease and loss of teeth. If you are a smoker or use tobacco products, speak with your doctor about developing a plan to quit.

Drinking Acidic Drinks — Just like sugary and sticky candies, acidic drinks are loaded with sugar. When you drink these drinks, they coat your tooth enamel with acid, which can cause enamel to break down. Making better choices with sugar-free drinks or drinking more water is a healthier choice.

Contact Sports — Playing sports without a mouth guard could cause loose, chipped, or lost teeth. To prevent this problem, you need a custom mouth guard.

Grinding Teeth — Life can be stressful, and you may find yourself grinding your teeth, even during the day. If this problem is not addressed, you may wear your teeth down over time. To prevent this, you may need to have a night guard made to protect your teeth from excessive wear.

Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime, so take good care of them. Avoid these harmful habits and practice good oral hygiene. How long has it been since your last dental visit? Contact our office to schedule an appointment. We serve patients in Boca Raton, Florida, and the surrounding areas.


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