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Not Just Another Boca Raton Dentist

You’ll find several differences between Dental Care of Boca Raton and your average dental practice. Probably the most dramatic difference is in our philosophy of ultra-conservative dentistry, or what is called minimally invasive dentistry.

What this philosophy means is that, in spite of being trained in how to restore your teeth with fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, and other tools, we try to keep away from doing any of that if possible. A sealant to prevent a cavity is better than a filling. A small filling is better than a larger one. A filling is better than a crown, and saving a tooth is better than replacing it.

Our team tirelessly studies and perfects our techniques with continuing education to that we can confidently promise to make the least possible alterations to your teeth and mouth. It’s our way of highly respecting the tooth structure that nature gave you and desiring to preserve as much as possible.

Affordable Dentistry Options

It’s important to us here at Dental Care of Boca Raton to make your dentistry affordable. We try to set reasonable fees, and we want you to be able to afford your dental care.
Here are the ways we try to achieve that:

    • Our dental care philosophy that is the foundation of everything we do is ultraconservative dentistry. As far as we are concerned, the less we do, the better. Our whole team makes sure that all the treatment we recommend is truly needed, and that what we recommends is the simplest, least invasive option.
    • We also stress prevention. The use of sealants, fluoride, flossing, and other preventive techniques can greatly reduce your need for expensive dental care.
    • We strive for durable, low-maintenance dentistry. By using the best materials, by working under magnification so we achieve a precise fit for everything we do, we can provide a lifetime warranty for your dental work.
    • Finally, for the work that you do need, we provide affordable payment plans through Care Credit.

All of these factors help make your dental care affordable while increasing the level of quality of that care.

Our Financial Policy

Our goal is to maximize your insurance benefits and make any remaining balance easily affordable. If you have any questions regarding your insurance benefits, please don’t hesitate to call our office to review your concerns.

Our fees are based on the quality of the materials we use and our experience in performing your needed treatment. We will file your dental insurance claims for you and are available to answer any questions about your insurance benefits.

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We accept payments by cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you would like financing, we offer payment plans through CareCredit.

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Our Forms

For ease of access, and to save time during your first visit to our office, we have made our patient forms available online. Please use the links below to access our various documents below, print and complete them at home, and bring them with you to your first appointment.

Patient Registration & Health History

Privacy Practices

Privacy Practices Acknowledgment

Dental Care of Boca Raton is fully compliant with HIPAA standards and practices. Please review our Privacy Practices document for more information about your rights and reasonable expectations as a patient under HIPAA legislation.

Emergency Free Dentistry

The best way to handle an emergency is to be sure it never happens. Our team takes pride in the low rate of dental emergencies our patients experience. If we are thorough in our examinations, use every diagnostic tool available, strive hard for prevention, and insure that our work is of the highest quality that will last a lifetime, then we have taken care of emergencies. We want to prevent that toothache requiring you to interrupt your vacation or your work day.

However, if you have a toothache, give us a call. We make time in our schedule for dental emergencies, and we will get you in today. Oftentimes it’s just a simple, quick procedure to get you out of pain, and then we can talk about a long-term solution to your dental problem.

Here are some common dental emergency situations:

    • A toothache. A toothache is usually the result of an infection in a tooth, but it could also be a crack, gum disease, or exposed dentin or cementum. If the toothache is severe and is spontaneous, meaning it isn’t brought about by some stimulus such as cold, air, or biting, the tooth will probably end up needing a root canal treatment. We can get you out of pain today and then schedule the root canal treatment for another appointment.
    • A broken front tooth. When you break a front tooth, it is what we call an esthetic emergency. A quick direct dental bonding procedure can make you look acceptable, and then you can come back for refining it to look perfectly natural.
    • A crown that has come off. This should be re-cemented promptly, or the teeth on either side may drift and it may become impossible to re-fit the crown.
    • A front tooth that is knocked out. If a tooth that has been knocked out can be replanted within a half hour, there is a good possibility that it can be saved. Transport it in a damp cloth (not a dripping wet cloth) or in a glass of milk, to help keep the ligament alive. Don’t put it in water, as this causes hypotonic shock.

Cosmetic Dentistry

A bright, new, confident smile can be one of your best assets. At Dental Care of Boca Raton we offer a wide range of affordable dental makeover options and want to work with you to create the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted.

If you’re unhappy with your missing, damaged, stained or broken teeth, we have lots of experience with affordable, high-quality Lumineers™-like materials for veneers, tooth-colored composite fillings, natural-looking porcelain dental crowns and bridges, tooth whitening and tooth bonding.

Many of our patients are pleased to learn that the care they deserve may not be as expensive or time-consuming as they imagined. Why wait another moment? It’s time to invest in the gorgeous, healthy smile of your dreams!

Porcelain Veneers: Cover up dental imperfections quickly

Ultra-thin porcelain dental veneers can cover your dental imperfections and give your teeth the shape, color, and shine you’ve always dreamed of. Our team is highly trained in placing porcelain dental veneers.

We even have our own master ceramist that we use to create new smiles for our patients. You won’t believe the difference it can make in your smile!

Dental Implants: Reclaim your smile

Implants are artificial teeth that are permanently anchored into the jaw. Because it’s always a perfect fit, implants are almost the same as having your natural teeth back again. If you’re suffering from tooth loss, we can discuss whether dental implants are an option for you.

Porcelain Crowns: Cap off a beautiful smile

Porcelain crowns, also called caps, make your smile look naturally white. There are no tell-tale dark areas or lines. They reflect light and brighten your whole mouth. However, crowns are an aggressive dental treatment option that we try to avoid by encouraging patients to take important steps in preventive treatments.

If you do need a crown, we’ll be setting up two appointments. In the first appointment, your tooth is prepared, an impression is taken so that this tooth and all the surrounding and opposing teeth can be replicated in a dental laboratory, and a temporary restoration is placed.

Meanwhile, the impression is sent to a dental laboratory where the final restoration is fabricated to precise standards. When this work is completed, you have your second appointment. The crown is tried in your mouth; if it fits properly, matches our exacting standards, and meets your approval, it is cemented in your mouth.

Dental Bonding: Redesign Your Smile!

People looking for a fast, non-invasive procedure to replacing chipped teeth with sculpted tooth-like material need search no further! Our cosmetic dentistry solution for you might be dental bonding, an affordable and virtually painless way to repair dental flaws due to injury!

Tooth-Colored Fillings: Transform “metal mouth” into a great smile

At Dental Care of Boca Raton we have plenty of experience in replacing ugly old metal fillings with metal-free restorations. There’s a huge difference between metal fillings and our new tooth-colored composite restorations that reflect the translucence of natural teeth. Your new restorations won’t show wear or cause opposing teeth to erode – it’s a breeze at our office.

Snap-On Smile®: Your quick and easy solution for defects

The Snap-On Smile® was developed several years ago but has only recently been publicized to the public. It’s a fast and easy way to correct serious defects in your smile, and there’s no drilling required. You just snap the appliance over your existing teeth, and people won’t be able to tell you’re wearing anything at all.

Restorative Dentistry

As preferable as it is to prevent dental problems like cavities, root canals, and gum disease, these issues are still extremely prevalent in our society. Sugary drinks and acids erode the enamel of your teeth, and your busy schedule keeps you from brushing and flossing as often as you might desire.

Some patients also have the attitude that, whatever damage they have in their mouth, our dentists will fix it and they will be “as good as new.” Nothing could be further from the truth. No dentist or machine has ever been able to duplicate or replace that which nature has provided us, when it comes to teeth. Beautiful, healthy enamel has yet to be cloned.

So our best option is to be able to prevent problems before they start, or, failing at that, to intercept at the very earliest stages of disease, remove the causes and keep them from coming back forever.

If you’re one of the thousands of South Floridians who struggle with toothaches and inflammation of the gums, we encourage you to make an appointment with our dental care experts. We definitely want to save you the pain and anxiety of not knowing the condition of your teeth and gums, and there are still steps we can take to prevent further deterioration and disease.

Tooth Decay: Prevent infection with conscientious maintenance

Cavities, or tooth decay, are caused by acid-producing bacteria which stick to your teeth. These bacteria, when allowed enough time in contact with the teeth (approximately 24-48 hours), and given the right food (any carbohydrate, such as bread) will eat this same food that you do and will produce their waste product. This waste product is an acid which eats through your tooth structure, causing decay.

As time goes on, the damage to your tooth spreads and the bacteria begin to inhabit and invade into the enamel. If the process is allowed to progress long enough, they will infect the dentin (the inner layer of the hard tissue of your tooth) and will eventually reach the pulp, where the blood vessels and nerves that give a tooth its life are found. Often it is not until this point that symptoms are felt.

Tooth-Colored Fillings: Stopping the bacterial invasion

There are two superior options we prefer to use when making fillings for your teeth. The most popular option, white fillings, can be made using one of two different materials: composite or ceramic.

Composite material is placed directly in the tooth, shaped, and then cured with a special light. Ceramic material is a much more durable and long-lasting material, and it is cast or milled in a dental laboratory. Your tooth is prepared, an impression is taken, and a temporary restoration is placed. You come back for a second appointment where the final restoration is then fitted into your tooth and bonded into place.

Gold Fillings: Our preferred and time-honored standard

In this age of glitz and instant gratification, there is a tendency to overlook the tried and true, the long-lasting, and the dependable. In dentistry, this is the case with gold. It has been used for four thousand years, and it is of such high quality that, in our office, we are willing to back these restorations with a lifetime warranty.

gold-inlaysThere are two basic categories of gold fillings. Gold inlays are smaller and generally restore one or two surfaces of a tooth. Gold onlays are larger, and will cover larger parts of the chewing surface in order to strengthen weakened cusps.

Two gold inlays placed by Boca Raton dentist Dr. Kagan. Notice the precise fit of the gold to the tooth. Dr. Kagan’s perfectionism is what helps him be able to offer his lifetime warranty.

Take a look at our brief exploration of the various benefits of using gold fillings with a lifetime warranty:
The Gold Standard.

Root Canals: When there’s trouble in the depths

root-canalWhen you have an infection, your body has a defense mechanism to fight that infection. White blood cells come into the infected area, and antibodies go to work. You notice a swelling in the area, which is a sign that your body defenses are working.

Inside a tooth, however, these defenses don’t work. The reason is that it’s a strictly confined space. Instead of swelling, the tissue in your tooth ends up strangling itself and dying. This dead tissue then feeds infection into the bone that surrounds the apex of your tooth.

The diagram at the right illustrates this. The large cavity has involved the pulp of the tooth, causing the pulp to become infected, and it soon dies. The red area at the tip of one of the roots is the abscess that has formed.

This process usually causes a toothache at some point, but sometimes it doesn’t. Before the pulp dies, it usually causes heightened sensitivity in the tooth followed by an out-and-out toothache, which then goes away.

An infected tooth requires a root canal treatment in order to save it.

root-canalIn a root canal treatment, the decay and the infected or dead tissue is thoroughly cleaned out. Then then entire inside of the tooth is filled with a root canal sealer material. The x-ray on the right shows a completed root canal treatment.

While this takes care of the infection, the tooth is now fairly weakened and usually requires a dental crown to protect it against breaking.

Some people are afraid of root canal treatments, thinking that they are painful. But if the tissue inside the tooth is dead, there is no feeling at all. In cases where the tissue isn’t dead, it can be numbed. If you’re still nervous about it, we can use sedation dentistry to make you so comfortable and relaxed that you may not even remember the appointment.

It’s sad that some people are so afraid of this treatment that they choose to have a tooth extracted instead. In our experience, a tooth extraction is the most traumatic of any dental treatment. We believe that whenever a tooth can be saved it is worthwhile to do that rather than remove it.

Gum Disease: An inflammatory condition with severe consequences

Just as tooth decay is a silent disease, gum disease (periodontitis) is also, perhaps even more so. Certain bacteria, mostly anaerobic (living without air), and yes, even other organisms such as amoeba, trichonomads, other protozoa (remember from biology class) and even yeast can and do invade around and under the gum, in the space between the tooth and the gum.

There they produce toxic enzymes and your body creates an immune response. They also create plaque, a sticky film that helps them attach to the tooth. Left undisturbed, plaque will draw minerals from oral fluids and harden into tartar or calculus. All of this creates inflammation followed by serious eating away of that part of your jawbone that anchors your teeth. Without early detection and treatment, this disease can be even more trouble than tooth decay, as it destroys the foundation which hold your teeth in. If you lose these structures, you will lose your teeth.

This process is generally completely painless and can go unnoticed until often the first symptom may be loosening of a tooth, at which point there is often little that can be done except amputation (extraction).

Periodontal disease is a “silent killer” in that it affects 75-80% of all adults, most of whom are unaware that they have a problem! The breakdown process after teeth are lost can be even more rapid and difficult to correct. So our goal should and always will be to avoid any tooth loss, because your teeth are important parts of your body.

Preventive Dentistry Techniques

It is much less painful, less costly and much more fun to prevent cavities and gum disease from ever starting in the first place. This can be accomplished simply and effectively with great certainty thanks to modern 21st century technology.

The two most vulnerable areas of your tooth are the grooves on the biting surface and the contact point between the teeth. Prevention in each area requires a different tactic. Keeping the grooves from decaying involves the use of dental sealants.

Sealants: Defending your territory against the bacterial invaders

Biting surface decay is almost 100% preventable because of a procedure called a sealant or preventive resin.

The shape of the biting surface is one of hills and valleys with a thin groove running through the middle, like a very thin and narrow mine shaft or vein of ore. Bacteria can accumulate here untouched, and they use this groove as a pathway to travel well into the tooth where they can hide, breed, eat and produce acid which ultimately dissolves away the enamel (which at the base of this groove is very thin) and causes decay.

sealants1Here is a lower molar showing staining in the pits and grooves. This could well be decay. But because the groove is so narrow, a dentist’s explorer may not reach to the bottom, and there may be no “stick” when it is poked.

With old technology, there was no way to tell if there was decay here or not, except to drill into the groove and explore.

The answer is a dental sealant or a preventive resin restoration, used in combination with air abrasion technology. Air abrasion forces a stream of tiny aluminum oxide particles into this groove to remove everything soft. Without any novocain, the decay can be removed, leaving a clean surface ready for sealing or restoring. And the healthy tooth structure is left intact.

sealants2After the above tooth has been cleaned with air abrasion and the dental sealant placed, this is how it would look.

The sealant is bonded to the enamel and will stay on for many years. The tooth now has no susceptible grooves, and the chances of getting decay on the biting surface are minimal.

This is how I like to practice dentistry—prevent decay before it starts, or at least intercept it as early in the process as possible and do as little alteration of the tooth as possible.

Flossing: Going between enemy lines

Preventing decay between the teeth is best done by flossing. By flossing once a day, you are getting the outstanding double benefit of preventing not only the between-the-teeth cavities, but also the great cause of most adult tooth loss – periodontal (gum) disease.


Prevention is Actually the Best Dentistry

“Of all my accomplishments, the one that is the most satisfying is seeing a patient who first came to me as a six-year-old child, who had some sealants and preventive care and possibly some teeth straightening, and who has visited us every six months ever since, who then returns with their own perfect teeth and now has children with perfect teeth. Generations of no treatment. I know this may sound weird for a dentist, but it really makes me feel great! This is the type of care I would want for myself and my family, knowing what I know.”

– Dr. David Kagan

Zoom! Teeth Whitening™

zoomTransform stained, discolored, or aging teeth into a dazzling, youthful, whiter smile after as little as one cosmetic dentistry appointment. We offer both in-office Zoom!™ Treatments and take-home trays with whitening gel.

Do You Want to Zoom!™? Zoom!™ is a Product Of discus-dental

Fastbraces® & Invisalign®

Invisalign® and Fastbraces® are two alternative approaches to giving you the perfectly straight smile you deserve – whether you’re 14, 40, or 54! It’s never too late to correct your bite with these popular and fast alternatives to traditional braces.



Invisalign® aligners are exactly what they sound like: clear plastic (“invisible”) aligners that snap over your teeth – other people won’t even know you’re wearing braces.


Dental Care of Boca Raton is fully certified to distribute Invisalign® aligners. The process is simple to get started, and the sequential, progressive alignment system oftentimes works significantly faster than traditional braces.

Traditional braces compared with Invisalign® invisible braces


fastbraces-logoWhile traditional braces move the crown of the tooth in the first half of a two- to three-year treatment plan, followed by the root of the tooth in the second half of treatment, Fastbraces® move the crown and root simultaneously. This usually cuts treatment time in half!

How is this possible? Fastbraces® use a patented triangular bracket structure that doubles the spacing between brackets and improves the flexibility of the wire by as much as eight times what you see with traditional braces.


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