Dental Emergencies in Boca Raton

The best way to handle an emergency is to be sure it never happens. Our team takes pride in the low rate of dental emergencies in our patients’ experience. We strive to be thorough in our examinations, use every diagnostic tool available, and ensure that our work is of the highest quality that will last a lifetime to help prevent emergencies. We want to help you avoid that toothache requiring you to interrupt your vacation or your workday.

In the case that you develop any tooth pain, give us a call. We make time in our schedule for dental emergencies, and we will get you on the same day. Oftentimes it’s just a simple, quick procedure to get you out of pain, and then we can talk about a long-term solution to your dental problem.

Common dental emergencies may include


  • A toothache

    – A toothache is usually the result of an infection in a tooth, but it could also be a crack, gum disease, or exposed dentin or cementum. If the toothache is severe and is spontaneous, meaning it isn’t brought about by some stimulus such as cold, air, or biting, the tooth will probably end up needing a root canal treatment. We can get you out of pain today and then schedule the root canal treatment for another appointment.

  • A broken front tooth

    – When you break a front tooth, it is what we call an anesthetic emergency. A quick, direct dental bonding procedure can make you look acceptable, and then you can come back for refining it to look perfectly natural.

  • A displaced crown

    – This should be re-cemented promptly, or the teeth on either side may drift and it may become impossible to re-fit the crown.

  • A front tooth that is knocked out

    – If a tooth that has been knocked out can be replanted within a half-hour, there is a good possibility that it can be saved. Transport it in a damp cloth (not a dripping wet cloth) or in a glass of milk, to help keep the ligament alive. Don’t put it in water, as this causes hypotonic shock.

If you or a loved one are experiencing a dental emergency, give us a call to schedule an emergency appointment right away. At Dental Care of Boca Raton, we offer same-day emergency appointments.