Root Canals

When you have an infection, your body has a defense mechanism to fight that infection. White blood cells come into the infected area, and antibodies go to work. You notice a swelling in the area, which is a sign that your body defenses are working. Inside a tooth, however, these defenses don’t work. The reason is that it’s a strictly confined space. Instead of swelling, the tissue in your tooth ends up strangling itself and dying. This dead tissue then feeds infection into the bone that surrounds the apex of your tooth.

This process usually causes a toothache at some point, but sometimes it doesn’t. Before the pulp dies, it usually causes heightened sensitivity in the tooth followed by an out-and-out toothache, which then goes away. An infected tooth requires a root canal treatment in order to save it.

In a root canal treatment, the decay and the infected or dead tissue is thoroughly cleaned out. Then the entire inside of the tooth is filled with a root canal sealer material. While this takes care of the infection, the tooth is now fairly weakened and usually requires a dental crown to protect it against breaking.

Some people are afraid of root canal treatments, thinking that they are painful. But if the tissue inside the tooth is dead, there is no feeling at all. In cases where the tissue isn’t dead, it can be numbed. If you still experience any anxiety about the procedure, we can use sedation dentistry to make you comfortable and relaxed throughout the appointment.

We believe that whenever a tooth can be saved it is worthwhile to do that rather than remove it. If you are in need of a root canal treatment, call Dental Care of Boca Raton for more information, or to schedule an appointment today!